Monday, October 20, 2014

Antique & Vintage Quilt Tops

Quilting Old or Vintage Quilt tops can be challenging but with a few things to pay close attention to the end result is really quite rewarding. You really must aquire some patience when working with these vintage beauties, first and foremost you have to give alot of consideration to the fact that most times the quilt top is not square,and seams are not consistant through out,repairs have to be made and probably the quilt top needs to be cleaned. Remember your not working with a quilt that has new fabric! Each step is a process and alot of problems sometimes need to be solved before you can dive right in and start quilting.  And no two are the same or will have the same problems to solve,.   I love working with Old Quilts, they always have a story to tell and you sometimes you won't know it's secrets until you are working with it up close. I have learned to take my time and enjoy the process !

Friday, October 3, 2014

Fresh Vintage Linens

Incorporating Linens to a quilting project adds a lovely little touch of elegance, I use them mainly for the back of quilts as labels, they are perfect for wedding and christening quilts!  Be Creative , get inspired , the possibilities are endless !
Always Quilting, Teresa