Sunday, November 29, 2015

Happy Holidays

Every Year we make a big batch of our Holiday Simmering Potpourri, just wouldn't be the Holidays without it, I give it as gifts to friends and those who stop by during the Holiday Season,  I thought I would share the recipe with you this year...

Holiday Potpourri
1 cup cedar shavings
½ cup bay leaves – cut up
1 tsp orange peel
1 tsp lemon peel
1 tsp ground cinnamon
1 tbsp. whole cloves
1 tbsp. whole all spice
2 tbsp. star anise
2 cinnamon sticks’ unrolled or cut up
1 cup lemon verbena
1 cup rose petals
1 tbsp. rosemary
Fixative- 2 tsp Orrisroot and 6 drops of bayberry oil
Store 3- 4 weeks in tightly closed jar
Shake 2-3 time per week

Smells great when simmering!

Enjoy !

Monday, November 2, 2015


Nothing says autumn like the smell of pumpkins and apples, warm cider with a hint of cinnamon spice!  It's the time of year when the air is fresh and crisp and the wonderful display of fall colors.  I am most inspired this year with my quilting projects,  I am so excited that a new collection of fabric will be arriving in January.. Sampler by Julie Hendricksen is a beautiful reproduction collection circa 1870-1890 . Perfect for applique and vintage quilts, Sampler I is turkey reds and greens with gorgeous shirtings, I can't wait !
Here's a great tip:  Storing your marking pens upright with the point down will help prevent them from drying out too soon.
Enjoy the autumn it will soon be gone,
always Quilting,

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Pumpkin Table Runner

Fall is in the air ! Love this pattern for a fall table runner!  A work in progress, have to add some more pumpkins and stars !  Thinking of changing the border to a more large brownish floral too !  I really love how the center turned out,

Thursday, September 3, 2015

National Sewing Month

September is National Sewing Month ! Here's another great machine quilting tip:
Tried and true !  Do you Tense up when machine quilting?  Try this:  try to be aware of your posture, really take notice the next time your at your machine, now drop your right shoulder, feel a difference? Now try dropping both shoulders, Doesn't that feel better?  You may have to remind yourself a couple of times while at your machine, but I sure think it helps and I really noticed the difference!

Friday, August 7, 2015

Free Motion Quilting

Did you Know?  Here's a helpful hint: When free motion quilting we all know by now how to bring the bobbin thread up to the top before you begin quilting,, Do the same process when you have to stop... first lift the presser foot and pull your top thread a little ways away and now position your presser back in the exact spot you stopped and now pull the bobbin thread  up just like you did in the beginning, and clip off both threads, .. you will never have to turn your work over or reach underneath to clip those bobbin threads !  super efficeint would you say?

Always Quilting,

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Time Flys!

It's June already!  Time to organize the sewing room and prioritize those UFO's.
Every June I get my machines professionally tuned up,serviced and cleaned so I'm ready to go in the fall. I also put together some "to Go" project in clear vinyl cosmetic bags with everything I need for it inside and I grab and go !
June is also Fab shop Hop month so be sure to visit the website to sign up and join the fun!  Hint:  our bunny is folding fabric! While you are there check out our newest item applique paper by Hugs and kisses- it's water soluble !
Enjoy your summer !

Saturday, May 16, 2015

May Flowers

You know what they say, " April Showers bring May Flowers",  Everything is in bloom and the grass is green !  It's been a crazy month here and so much new good things,  Our new pattern wagon wheels is here !
We also have new fabrics like, Molly B's and some wonderful Red White and Blue for summer!  Here's a Sew Simple way to dress up your next outdoor gathering , take 2 10" squares right sides together, sew 1/4" around the edge leave a 3" inch opening for turning, clip your corners, turn right side out and press turning your opening in and then top Stitch 1/4 "around the edge!  Fast, easy and sew simple, Enjoy !

Friday, March 20, 2015

Heirloom Quilting Company: Cotton Crazy

Heirloom Quilting Company: Cotton Crazy: "Nothing has taken a stronger hold on the women-Crazy quilts have engulfed us" - Dorcas Magazine 1884" . Victorian Crazy Qu...

Cotton Crazy

"Nothing has taken a stronger hold on the women-Crazy quilts have engulfed us" -Dorcas Magazine 1884". Victorian Crazy Quilts are "Timeless" pieces of art in my eyes. First popular in the 1880-1910 period and still today, many people are drawn to the uniqueness of color,texture and patterns of Crazy Quilts, What a wonderful way to express your creativity, having absolute freedom to do whatever you want to!
Of course when you say "crazy quilt" visions abound of those beautiful and breathtaking examples of fine silks, wools, embellishments and stunning embroidery, But there are also examples of the "Plain Jane" crazy quilts I refer to as "cotton crazy", I have one from 1910 , all leftover cotton fabrics done in the contained method of making a crazy quilt, which is a uniform size blocks, The only embellishment here is beautiful gold hand embroidered feather stitching along the binding. After 1900 women adapted their crazy quilting to using farics such as flannels,denims and cottons.  They did not put decorative stitching on those quilts, instead they were simply pieced.  Embellished or not they are beautiful.  Read more at Quilt Study   Happy National Quilting Day !

Monday, February 9, 2015

Pressing Matters

The method you use to press your quilting pieces really does matter, and we probably have all heard this before, Press with up and down motion and not slide across your piece, but here's something else I found that really works for me that I learned from "Sally Collins teaches you precison piecing", and that is "cooling in place".  After pressing quickly place something heavy ( a stack of books for example or a clamper" on your piece and let it cool..takes only a few seconds..You can use your hands but if your iron is anything like mine that piece is hot to touch!  I use my old vintage cast iron , iron. although it's probably too heavy at 8 lbs. it does the trick.  My pieces are flat and stay that way!  This is really good when you want one seam going one way and antoher in the opposite direction. While one piece is cooling , press another ! Give it a try!

Saturday, January 24, 2015

stars in a time warp

Stars in a time warp is a great sew along , here are my first two stars, Turkey red and prussian blue !  Get the details by clicking on the stars in a time warp button on the right side menu bar, Learn about the history of fabrics like turkey red and prussian blue, etc.  Even if you prefer not to sew along it's interesting to add to your library !

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Quilt Storage

Vintage Pillow covers are perfect for short term seasonal Quilt Storage ! They are cotton and a bit more roomy than an standard contemporary pillowcase. Most that I have found have little ties that were used for keeping the pillow "in" the cover, I can fit several of smaller quilts and table runners or one larger quilt in one of these! I store mine after being cleaned and freshened from season to season rolled up with a little lavender sachet tucked inside and they are ready to go when needed to be used or hung for display. Besides they look really pretty and classic in a vintage cover, great for presenting a quilt as a gift too!

Friday, January 9, 2015

February shop hop !

Join us all month long in  February for the shop Hop !  We are so excited to be part of the hop, You can sign up and get a list of participating shops right on the home page of my website,  just click the red bunny! Or visit the website for more information.  See you there!