Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Saturday Sampler

I thought it would fun to do an on line Saturday Sampler and reinvent my sampler from 12 years and two sewing machines ago !  Each Saturday I will post a recipe for a block, , using your own fabric and colors this way you get to do it "your way",  The blocks are finished 9"  We will be doing 20 blocks total using different fabrics for each block, so grab your stash!  my original has added a 1" red frame around each block which I like , some sashing  and cornerstones and two borders. I'm thinking I may omit the cornerstones on the new & improved version.
Let's go!   Gather your background fabric approximately one yard give or take
(I used a cream moda muslin on the original but you may want white or prints,or shirtings,  it's your quilt it's your design), and some of your favorite leftover fabrics, I'll show you options for setting and finishing later on,  You can post photos of your progress at @heirloomquiltingcompany  on instagram if you would like, I would love to see what everybody does with their design. See you next Saturday for the block one!
Jump in !   always quilting,