Thursday, April 12, 2018

The Makings of a Sampler -size matters

Now that I have chosen favorite colors, a setting layout and I selected a block size, now it's time for me to fiqure out what size do I want my sampler quilt to be?  Wall, throw, bed size? I decided on a throw size so I will need to measure and fiqure out how many blocks I will need to make to make a throw size quilt.  Since I am choosing an point setting I need to measure my blocks from corner to corner. roughly 13 7/8 minus seam allowance the number is approximately 12 .An excellenct resource for size,charts & setting ideas is the Quilter's All in one Reference tool ,so six blocks down would bring me to about 72 inches in length. For the width I need to factor in the sashing I want in between my rows,  My sashing will be 3" wide finished, so with 4 sashing rows and 3 block rows, my width will be about 48 inches across, now that seems not wide enough for me so I may adjust my sashing width on the first and last sashing strips, I will need to make 18 nine inch blocks, once I get those sewn together I will need to think about my setting and corner triangles because I have chosen an point setting. I have completed 12 blocks so far so just six more to go!
Next up will be the setting triangles and corner triangles , so until next time,
Always Quilting,

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